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7 Tips To Planning A Successful Yacht Party!

Tip #1 Be strict with your guests' attendance.

On your invitations, state that RSVPs must be sent and if they do not respond by a deadline, then the guest is not "in". Close your invitations once you have the number of guests required and confirmed. Do not confirm anyone else. You will be asked the same question as the organizer: "Can I still attend?" You want to please all your guests, but you can't when you are organising a party aboard a yacht. Read more now on boat sales mallorca

There is "no room" in the hotel, unlike hosting.

Tip #2: "Yacht Hop" before you settle on a yacht

You would do the same thing when organizing an event. You must do the exact same thing when organizing an event on your yacht, except you're doing it on water. Are your guests friendly with one another? Do they like to "squeeze" in or prefer a larger space? What activities are you planning to organize on the yachts? Do you plan to cruise? What is the cost of chartering a yacht? These factors will help you choose the right yacht.

Tip #3 Know what you are getting with the charter fees

Examine the yachts carefully for the space limitations, the things you can and cannot do, and the fees. For example, some yachts have a fully-equipped kitchen, while others don't. Some yachts don't have a generator for cruising, so you will need to bring your battery-operated equipment.

Some yachts will not allow you bring your own food, or they may charge a "loading" fee if you do. Some yachts come with a barbecue pit, while others don't. Know the details of the yacht and what is included in the rental fee so there are no unpleasant surprises.

Tip #4: Make sure you have enough food for your guests!

If you are planning a party aboard a yacht, make sure you have enough food and drink for all your guests. Once you've set sail, it is impossible to replenish supplies. You can pay for a yacht that has a chef to provide you with all the food you need.

Plan your meals carefully if you decide to hire your own caterer. All meat and seafood should be marinated before you BBQ. It's a good idea to hire someone else to barbecue for you while your guests are entertained! Before you leave, have some finger food or light snacks as an appetizer. Then, make sure you take along staples like rice, pasta and baked potatoes.

Tip #5 Have Music Will Travel!

Some yachts do not have great sound systems, or music piped in. You may have to bring your own boombox or ipod speakers with a decent music collection. When your guests enter the yacht, it's nice to hear music in the background. Make sure the atmosphere on the yacht is taken care of by good music. If you're on a budget, hire jazz musicians to perform live on your yacht.

You should be clear about your itinerary.

Chartering a yacht is a 4 hour minimum depending on the company. Talk to the representative of the yacht about what you can accomplish in the four hours. You can do many things when you organize a yacht party. There is the dinner cruise, you can watch the Musical Fountain and Songs From The Sea from the open ocean. You can also choose to go on a cruise in the southern seas, where you will be taken to eat BBQ on an island. You can also party at the yacht's berth without cruising. You should let them know what you plan to do so they can make arrangements with the skipper of the yacht or captain before your event.

Tips # 7: Be prepared for anything!

Planning for contingencies is the norm when you organize any event. It is the same when planning a yacht party. Some of your guests might be susceptible to seasickness. it does happen. Make sure to bring seasick tablets or warn your guests about them prior to boarding. Prepare for bad weather. If it rains heavily the skipper might decide not to cruise because the water will be choppy. Make sure the yacht you choose is large enough so that guests can still enjoy themselves on board with good music and food. If your refrigerator fails while you are cruising, you will need to cool drinks. Make sure that you have plenty of ice in ice boxes. You may experience a power outage during a cruise at night - so be prepared with torches and batteries. Be prepared for everything!

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