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In today's environment, why is project managing important? And what amazing power does it have in terms of business management? After 35 years in project-management, the reasons I think project management matters are budget cuts, reduced resources, time crunches, and competition. See Serge Robichaud Canada Life for get more info.

By using project management, it is possible to stay focused on the priorities of each project, to measure their performance, to overcome any challenges or problems that may arise, to be flexible in adapting to new situations, to achieve higher results and higher chances of success.

What are we talking about when we say a Project? What is a "project"? A project has a beginning and an ending, with goals and activities that are clearly defined. You can think of several projects, including constructing a facility, developing new products or services, restructuring your company, planning an event, developing the strategic plan, planning to move offices, rearranging floor plans in office, etc.

Project management can be used by many types of organizations. Project management can be used by many different industries.

What do we understand by project-management? A project manager is someone who has mastered a particular discipline or process. It's a set tools and methods that defines a projects goals, plans all of the work required to meet the goal and leads the project as well as the supporting teams. Monitors progress and optimizes the use of resource (time people money etc.). The goal is to exceed customer expectations and reach the goals of that project.