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Many people see mini storage cabinet and consider them a great way to make money. You can purchase all of the Mini storage units and then resell them to make a profit. You need a strategy when you go to any type of auction.

You must first ensure that the mini-storage auction is close enough to you to make profit. Due to today's high fuel costs, it will cost you money to transport mini storage items to your house. This should be considered before you set foot on the auction. A large fuel bill can quickly take your profits away.

Next, make sure you arrive on time so that you can take advantage of any views of the actual unit. You will not have the time to sign-up or find a suitable place to stand if your arrival is less than 10 minutes prior to the actual auction. It is crucial to take enough time to view the lot, to see the auction area, to sign up, and to ask questions.

Arriving on time will allow you to ask questions. If you arrive late, people will be very busy, and won't have the time to answer your questions. Remember, you can call the auction operator to ask any questions, and confirm that it is continuing. You need to be aware of the accepted payment methods and the timeline for moving the items out.