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Field service and force management platforms are a type of hosted, cloud-based software that integrates internet and hardware. They help businesses to find vehicles, dispatch and manage work, monitor worker activity, and to ensure driver's safety. It's a platform that is often used by businesses who have to deal with service or repair issues, as well as installation. You can get the best guide about field service management in this site.

In many industries, field force and field service managers are used. Some of them will be mentioned below.

Technicians in the field of cable and telecoms are responsible for installing cable as well running phone lines.

The healthcare industry has mobile nurses providing home care services to elderly or disabled patients.

The gas utility industry has engineers that investigate leaks, and they also try to correct them.

There are technicians that work in mining, heavy engineering and manufacturing industries who do preventive maintenance.

There are also other examples, such as postal workers collecting mail, waste pick up trucks or reading electric meters. These include field workers that are not usually considered to be part the field service, but who follow the process just like other field employees.

But there are challenges facing managers of field services and field force. Some of them are:

Customers' expectations is the number one item on this list. They always demand that their service be immediately restored and not interrupted. Sometimes, it's difficult to fully understand what the customer wants.

The second item on the list is low employee productivity. Sometimes the manager finds it hard to keep control over their field staff, resulting in low levels of employee productivity.

It is important to take safety into account. Securing the driver and vehicle on duty, is an issue that concerns both employees as well individuals.

Don't forget about the cost. Fuel prices are soaring, as is maintenance costs.

It is also a challenge that data and technologies aren't available in sufficient quantities or with the correct technology.