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Useful Exterior Vehicle Inspections Tips for Used Car Dealerships that Buy Here, Pay Here

If you are looking to buy a second-hand car, it's important that the exterior is inspected. This is true whether the dealer is a conventional dealership or one who offers a "buy here, pay here" option. For now, although car shoppers should also check under the hoods of the cars and test-drive them, we'll only be discussing the exterior inspection. Buy Here Pay Here Miami dealerships are the ones we're focusing on because older vehicles often need more in-depth inspections. It is due to the fact that they buy their vehicles from auctions. This means there are a wide range of quality.

Customers can use visible minor defects to reduce the price of the car or simply leave it if it has major problems.

Step 1: Walk around and check for signs of rust, or anything that may be eye-catching to indicate how well the vehicle was handled.

If you see dents, buckles or dings on the top of your vehicle's bodywork, this could indicate that it has been damaged in a major accident.

It is important to check the quality and condition of the wipers as this can tell you a lot about the age and usage of your car.

Tip 4: Examine the exterior body gap next to front hoods and trunk doors. It is important that they look proportionate and normal. Any abnormalities could indicate a serious collision.

If you notice any spots of a different color, it means that the body work has been done. You can also get paint overspray from accidents or the vehicle's body.

The vehicles should have the same headlights, and the mirrors must match. This indicates a major or minor accident depending on the extent of the damages.

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